Rugged Strong T-Shirt (Men's)


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The "RUGGED STRONG" T-Shirt Rugged Trade is Proud to bring you our Rugged Strong shirts that help create the production of masks for those who need it most. When purchasing this shirt, you are helping further the production of protective masks donated to the local hero's battling the frontlines. Your generosity will help support Local Business, Medical, Fire, Law enforcement & all first responders where they need it most, with PPE! Our Mission: We're redirecting business to provide quality masks for those who need them, including local business, non-profit's, healthcare workers, postal workers and those in other essential professions keeping business alive. We're partnering with the community to get these to those who need them the most & right away. Cotton masks can be helpful to frontline workers when other PPE is not available and can be used over N95 masks to extend their use. Live Rugged Strong and always #TradeLove